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Active Electrical Solutions intend to use this Blog page to share some pictures from completed work + provide some general tips regarding electrical services.

A recent lighting installation in South Woodham Ferrers

Another satisfied customer in South Woodham Ferrers after a full lighting installation within a new extension


Another quality installation underway -  Part P registered and to 18th edition standards. Building Control certificate to follow.


Active Electrical Solutions continue to sponsor the local South Woodham Ferrers Radars U-13 football team (Jets). 

Protecting your Family

Are there any hidden dangers from electrical equipment lurking in your children’s bedrooms? Similarly, there may be potential dangers arising from the electrical installation itself.

There are now gadgets galore in every house and the bedroom belonging to your child is no exception - and let's face it, most children know more about gadgets than their parents will ever know. However, many tech-savvy kids are quite unknowingly leaving the property, themselves and others open to potentially very serious dangers; parents need to alert themselves and their children of the risks involved:

  • Cheap unbranded chargers are often not made to UK standards and can cause fires when they fail due to overheating etc.

  • Avoid leaving mobile phones, laptops or iPads/tablets charging on the bed. The generated heat from charging will have nowhere to dissipate - once again a serious fire risk to people and the property. Devices should always be charged on a hard surface.

  • Avoid leaving any devices that are being charged unattended for long periods of time.

  • Plugs, wiring, sockets etc. should be checked regularly for signs of damage.

  • Everyone in the family should be aware of the risks and get into the habit of switching off all electrical devices before bed.

  • Never overload electrical sockets - if extra sockets are required contact Active Electrical Solutions (operating in South Woodham Ferrers, Chelmsford and surrrounding areas) for a competitively-priced remedy.

  • Never put liquids (drinks etc.) on or close to any electrical device.

  • After showering etc. make sure children are fully dry before attempting to use any electrical appliance - it can't be stressed enough about how dangerous an electricity and water combination can be.

  • Try to keep children's rooms as tidy and free of dust as is practicably possible - clothes or dust covering vents of TVs, games consoles etc. can cause overheating and lead to fires.

  • Please contact Active Electrical Solutions for free advice on any electrical issue.

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